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Orange Nakano

Location & Surrounding Environment
5 minutes to Shinjuku, 6 minutes to Takadanobaba, 2 minutes to Koenji, 8 minutes from Kichioji
3 minute walk from the convenience store; 5 minute walk from the supermarket; 5 minute walk from the post office; 6 minute walk from the 100 yen shop, 30 second walk from the grocer.
Area: Nakano・Nakanosakaue・Numabukuro

Tulip Real Estate

Tulip Real Estate
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On a typical woman's salary, simply living in Tokyo takes all one's energy. However, it's important to invest in oneself for a better career while you're young. That is why we opened our share house to offer you an economic, convenient, and safe environment to live in, where you can give It your all without having to be alone. Naturally, the manager is also a woman. Please feel free to consult us with any questions you may have.
Owner Listings
Orange Nakano
JR Cyuou line Nakano 7minutes walk
Single 44,000JPY〜
Asian Nakano
Dormitory 29,000JPY〜
Single 48,000JPY〜
Cozy Village Marguerite
Oedo Line Ochiai Minami Nagasaki stat...
Single 52,000JPY〜
Cozy Village Mejiro
Single 47,000JPY〜
Apricot Terrace Sugamo
JR Yamanote line Sugamo 8 minutes walk
Single 53,000JPY〜
Cozy Village Sangenjaya
Tokyu Setagaya Line Nishi-Taishido St...
Single 58,000JPY〜
Witt-style Yoyogi
JR Yamanote line Yoyogi 7 minutes walk
Dormitory 40,000JPY〜
Single 57,000JPY〜
Keio Sakurajosui 5 minute
Single 52,000JPY〜
Witt-style Roppongi
Tokyo Metro Namboku Line Roppongi Itc...
Dormitory 47,000JPY〜
Single 76,000JPY〜
Chilli pepper and Cream Iidabashi
Yurakucho Iidabashi 1 minute
Single 77,000JPY〜
Orange Nakano
JR Cyuou line Nakano 7minutes walk
Single 44,000JPY〜

*Tokyosharehouse (LLC) does not carry out the administration of specific services that may be deemed as unfair toward other users or serve as an intermediary for moving into housing. For any questions regarding specific services or moving, please directly contact the owner or manager of the share house you wish to inquire about through our website. Also, please be aware that we cannot provide the contact information of the share house managers or owners.