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Espla Togoshi Koen

Tokyo-To, Shinagawa-Ku, Yutakacho 6-10-4

\27,000 ~ \30,000
per month

Utility Fee
Male, Up to 30s
Number of bed
Only Male / 12 Rooms (bed)
No need for a deposit, key money, or guarantor fees! The only initial cost is the first month’s rent. The rooms all include furniture so you can move in with only 1 suitcase. The closest station, Togoshi Koen Station, is only a 3 minute walk away, and there’s access to 4 stations and 5 train lines in total! Located in the middle of a shopping district, there are many stores nearby, making it a very convenient place for day to day living.
Under 40 years old.
Must stay more than 1 month.

Common Space

  • TV
  • Kitchen
  • Fridge
  • PC
  • LAN
  • Washing
  • Dryer
  • Shower
  • Bath
  • 3
    3 unit
  • Bicycle parking
  • Other

Conditions & Managing Style

Male Female
Up to 30s
Manager (Visits)
1 Per Week
Min Contract
4 Months And Up
  • Personal Identification
  • Emergency Contact
1 Per Week
Return \10,000 On Leave
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Emergency Contact
  • Basic Japanese Skill
  • Designated Smoking Area
  • No Pets
  • No Friends Visit, No Sleepovers


Rooftop terrace available. Basement area to place luggage. Public bath near by. Shopping district in the area. Under 40 years old. Must stay more than 1 month. A reservation, the visit come after three weeks ago of the check-in.

Area: Shinagawa, Osaki, Oimachi
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Esplanade, Co, LTd

Esplanade, Co, LTd
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Esplanade aims to provide guest houses that are easy to live for and enjoy living for young people. As a characteristic of Esplanade, by using one guest house (share house) by some users, by sharing living / kitchen · toilet · shower etc etc with members in the guesthouse (share house), deposit · We lose key money, etc. and we are reducing the individual financial burden. Each room is equipped with air conditioner, bedding and other furniture, and the opportunity to deepen interaction with the people of other rooms in the shared kitchen / dining room。
Owner Listings
Espla Ueno-Iriya
Dormitory 26,000JPY〜
Single 43,000JPY〜
Espla Ogikubo
Chuo Line; Sobu Line; Marunouchi Line...
Dormitory 25,000JPY〜
Single 33,000JPY〜
Espla Togoshi Koen
Dormitory 27,000JPY〜
Espla Okachimachi
Dormitory 23,000JPY〜
Single 43,000JPY〜
Espla Kami-Itabashi
Tobu Tojo Line; Toei Mita Line
Dormitory 23,000JPY〜
Single 29,000JPY〜
Espla Togoshi Koen
Dormitory 27,000JPY〜

*Tokyosharehouse (LLC) does not carry out the administration of specific services that may be deemed as unfair toward other users or serve as an intermediary for moving into housing. For any questions regarding specific services or moving, please directly contact the owner or manager of the share house you wish to inquire about through our website. Also, please be aware that we cannot provide the contact information of the share house managers or owners.