First House Fujigaoka

Chigusadai, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

\45,000 ~ \45,000

Male, Female
Number of bed
34 Rooms (bed)
Located about 30 minutes from Fujigaoka Station to Shibuya station, this is the perfect place for those who look for a quiet place to relax, but also enjoy going out to various places. In front of Fujigaoka station you’ll find a cafe, burger shop, super market, drug store, convenience store, and a 100 Yen shop. There is a great public spa near the house (about 10 min from the house). At Aobadai station (next to Fujigaoka station), there are also lots of stores and restaurants with prosperous environment. We’re sure you’ll have fun and relaxing time here. The average term for most of residents having lived here is more than 1 year and a half. So there must be some reasons to stay here ... more

Common Space

  • TV
  • Kitchen
  • Fridge
  • PC
  • LAN
  • Washing
  • Dryer
  • Shower
  • Bath
  • Toilet
  • Bicycle parking
  • Other

Move-in Conditions & Managing Style

Male Female
Manager (Visits)
2 Per Week
Min Contract
1 Months And Up
  • Personal Identification
  • Emergency Contact
2 Per Week
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Emergency Contact
  • Designated Smoking Area
  • No Pets
  • Sleepovers Allowed (Notify First)
  • House rules Stated
  • Welcome Parties
  • Parties held on occasion


There is a park in front of the house so it is a very quiet place. The house has a backyard so that residents can grow vegetables and so on. Parties are held randomly such as Halloween Party and Christmas Party.

interwhao Co., Ltd.

interwhao Co., Ltd.
Our company specializes in share house and 17 years has passed since we started.
Our concept is to provide rooms with the less first payment and cheaper rent, and also provide a enjoyable lifestyle through communication, parties, and events.
In addition, we'd like customers to make trustworthy relationship with our house coordinators, and we wish that we all would share a lot of fun and any things, or sometimes, help each other to solve trouble.
We have rooms not only in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki area, but also in Saitama and Chiba of which are close to Tokyo so that we would be able to guide you for your best room. We also have rooms for women only, so please feel free to contact us.
Owner Listings
First House Ichigao
3 min walk from Funabashi Sta.
Private 43,500JPY~
Firsthouse Yokohama Aoba (Aobadai)
Tokyu Dennentoshi Aobadai 12min
Private 52,000JPY~
Firsthouse Toubu Nerima
Private 43,500JPY~
Firsthouse Ootorii
Private 46,500JPY~
First House Funabashi
5 min walk from Funabashi Station
Private 42,000JPY~
Ma Maison Jiyugaoka
Private 51,000JPY~
First House Minami-urawa
5 min walk from Minami Urawa Station
Private 45,000JPY~
Fasthouse Kitamatsudo
Private 39,000JPY~
First House New Gumyoji
1 min walk from Gumyoji Station
Private 52,000JPY~
First House Fujigaoka
7 min walk from Fujigaoka Sta.
Private 45,000JPY~
First House Fujigaoka
7 min walk from Fujigaoka Sta.
Private 45,000JPY~

*Tokyosharehouse (LLC) does not carry out the administration of specific services that may be deemed as unfair toward other users or serve as an intermediary for moving into housing. For any questions regarding specific services or moving, please directly contact the owner or manager of the share house you wish to inquire about through our website. Also, please be aware that we cannot provide the contact information of the share house managers or owners.