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Domingo Sasazuka

Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Sasazuka 3-39-12

\52,000 ~ \68,000
per month

Utility Fee
7 min walk from Sasazuka Sta.
Male, Female, None
Number of bed
Male Female / 8 Rooms (bed)
Even in Tokyo, greengrocers, fishmongers and tofu-makers are becoming a rare sight. But the area around Sasazuka station has kept its old-style shops all brought to life each day by crowds of people. This property is just on the edge of that lively shopping area.On the road back to the share house, there are live houses, cafés, bars and a bowling alley as well as of course places to get the groceries. For something a bit different, stop at the specialist plastic model shop or at the salt and sand bathhouse.In total, the share house has 8 private rooms. The rooms are neither too close nor too distant, ideally placed for communal living. You can meet housemates at the station, stop for a drink......more

Common Space

  • TV
  • Kitchen
  • Fridge
  • PC
  • LAN
  • Washing
  • Dryer
  • Shower
  • Bath
  • 3
    3 unit
  • Bicycle parking
  • Other

Conditions & Managing Style

Male Female
Host (Visits)
1 Per Month
Min Contract
6 Months And Up
  • Personal Identification
  • Emergency Contact
1 Per Week

  • Passport
  • Emergency Contact
  • Designated Smoking Area
  • No Pets
  • Sleepovers Allowed (Notify First)
  • Residents take turns with trash
  • Welcome Parties
  • Parties held on occasion


Publish Date 2014-03-25

※ Internet fee is included in the utilities charge. (Wireless LAN) ※ If the moving in day or leaving day is midway through a month, the rent and utilities fee will be calculated by a daily rate. ※ 2 person moving in by Utilities plus of 7500 yen is

Area: Sasazuka, shimokitazawa, Meidaimae
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Domingo co.,ltd.

Domingo co.,ltd.
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Domingo's share house concept is to simply "create a place where people want to live." For example, if it's too far from the station, it's dirty, has small rooms, or costs too much, nobody's going to like it. Wanting to create share houses with attention to detail, all these things were taken into consideration to design their share houses. Domingo makes sure that through these share houses, you'll make lots of great friends and you'll enjoy staying for a long time.
Owner Listings
Domingo Sakurashinmachi
10 min walk from Sakurashinmachi Sta.
Single 40,000JPY〜
Domingo Ayase
9 min walk from Ayase Sta.
Single 40,000JPY〜
Domingo Sasazuka
7 min walk from Sasazuka Sta.
Single 52,000JPY〜
Domingo Shimokitazawa
Single 68,000JPY〜
Domingo Inokashira
Single 39,000JPY〜
Domingo Inokashira 2
Single 49,000JPY〜
Single 47,000JPY〜
Keio Line Meidaimae Sta 3min walk
Single 39,000JPY〜
Domingo Sasazuka
7 min walk from Sasazuka Sta.
Single 52,000JPY〜

*Tokyosharehouse (LLC) does not carry out the administration of specific services that may be deemed as unfair toward other users or serve as an intermediary for moving into housing. For any questions regarding specific services or moving, please directly contact the owner or manager of the share house you wish to inquire about through our website. Also, please be aware that we cannot provide the contact information of the share house managers or owners.