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Study Abroad Course (Preparation for Graduate School)
\540,000 / Course
This class is for students who want to attend graduate school in Japan. Students will learn Japanese and other skills such as logical thinking, problem solving and basic autonomous research in classes including “Research Proposal Composition”, “Interview Preparation”, “Essay Writing Techniques” and “Thesis Comprehension”. 
※Application fees, registration fees and textbook fees are not included in the tuition.
※The tuition differs from that of the Study Abroad class due to the highly specialized curriculum.
The Special Preparation Class for Prestigious Universities class
\170,000 / Course
The Special Preparation Class for Prestigious Universities class is for students aiming to attend public universities as well as private universities such as Waseda, Keio, Sophia, GMARCH (Gakushin, Meiji, Aoyama, Rikkyo, Chuo, Hosei). Classes including “EJU Practice”, “Past University Exam Practice” and “Interview Practice” will cultivate your Japanese ability to the level needed to be able to take university entrance examinations. You will also develop important skills and mental capacity in classes like “Campus Conversation”, “Essay Composition” and “How to Listen to a Lecture”.
Business Japanese Class
\170,000 / Course
Business Japanese Class is for students who aim to work for a Japanese company in Japan or overseas. You will deepen your understanding of Japanese society and business relationships, as well as acquire Japanese skills and business manners that will enable you to perform tasks smoothly, becoming an important member of staff connecting Japanese and your own language together. The Employment Support Office will help with job hunting in Japan by providing information on employment opportunities and assist in helping you prepare for company entrance exams.
JLPT Preparation Course
\6,000 / Course
Work on practical exercises in every class and tips on how to arrive at an answer are explained. Students will master how to answer grammar and listening comprehension questions and aim to pass N1 and N2 with high scores.
EJU Preparation Course
\10,000 / Course
The EJU is a necessary exam for international students in order to pursue higher education at universities, graduate schools or vocational schools in Japan. It measures basic academic abilities of Japanese as a Foreign Language, General Knowledge, Mathematics and Science required at those schools.
The exam is administered twice a year in June and November and many schools require a an EJU passing grade. Work on practical exercises in every class with tips on how to arrive at an answer explained. Acquire the skills and techniques to get to the root of the question and get the marks you need.
Intensive Japanese Course
\175,000 / Course
The focus is especially on speaking and listening so that students can learn natural and smooth Japanese.This class is suitable for people who are interested in the Japanese language or those who need Japanese for work or daily life in Japan. Students will learn the 4 skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. An emphasis is placed on speaking and listening in particular to help students achieve smooth and natural Japanese.
Japanese Language Teacher Training Course (420 hour Comprehensive Course)
\480,000 / Course
In this 420 hour comprehensive course you will learn everything from the fundamental knowledge you need to know as a Japanese Language Teacher to required teaching methods and techniques in various educational sites.
The class is based around 420 hours of curriculum and the Agency for Cultural Affairs March, 2000 report entitled “Required Educational Content for Training Japanese As a Foreign Language Teachers”. This report is used in almost all training courses, however even undertaking the same 420 hour curriculum the content of each course differs from school to school.
Japanese Language Teacher Training Course (420 hour Practice Course)
\240,000 / Course
In this comprehensive course you will attend classes at school as well as take online units and acquire the knowledge and techniques necessary for a Japanese Language teacher.
Undertake a majority of the 420 hours of curriculum online while attending class 1-2 times a week to take lessons in practical components such as lesson plan composition and teaching practice.
Cultivate for abilities as a Japanese language teacher through a curriculum based on the March, 2000 report by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
Exam Practice Department
\120,000 / Course
The Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test will be held on Sunday, 26th October 2014.
Arc Academy’s Exam Practice Department consistently produces great results and is here to help you achieve success in the exam.
The department is also involved in the the Arc Academy sponsored “Nationwide Public Mock Examination” held in September. Taking a mock exam before the official exam is effective in objectively gauging your capabilities and reinforcing the areas you are weak in.
Our experienced lectures will thoroughly guide you on your way as you take your first step to becoming a Japanese language teacher.

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As our schools are in big cities, you can attend the school at the same time as enjoy sightseeing. You come all the way to study Japanese language in Japan, so feel "Japaneseness" in your everyday life, too. Traditional scenery and customs, sophisticated shopping streets, round-the-clock restaurants and entertainment facilities will help you make the most of your stay.
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