Ikebukuro Otome House

Tokyo-To, Toshima-Ku, Ikebukuro Honcho

\55,000 ~ \56,000

Utility Fee
Number of bed
Only Female / 3 Rooms (bed)
Ladies, welcome to Otome House!! Want to make friends with people from various cultures and backgrounds around the world? Any and all nationalities are welcome, but we’re really looking for those who can communicate in Japanese and English. Even so, this is a small guest house with only 3 rooms, so it has a very at home feel. It has a very calm atmosphere incorporating antique kimonos and fabrics into the interior, creating an attractive blend of Japanese and Western influences. There are also rooms with kotatsu available for the upcoming season, perfect for those who intend to stay for a long time. You’ll have access to 4 train lines and 4 stations, so it’s a convenient location fo... more

Common Space

  • TV
  • 1
  • Fridge
  • PC
  • LAN
  • Washing
  • Dryer
  • Shower
  • Bath
  • Toilet
  • Bicycle parking
  • Other

Move-in Conditions & Managing Style

Male Female
Manager (Visits)
1 Per Week
Min Contract
1 Months And Up
  • Personal Identification
  • Emergency Contact
1 Per Week
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Emergency Contact
  • Basic Japanese Skill
  • No Smoking
  • Sleepovers Allowed (Notify First)
  • Residents take turns with trash
  • Parties held on occasion


Kasei St. House Co.,

Kasei St. House Co.,
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This is just a personal experience, but back when I was in school, I had a roommate from Venezuela when I studied abroad in America. For breakfast she would make tortillas from corn flour and espressos. It was truly a taste of another country. Although we could not communicate very well in English, our feelings came through when talking. Currently in Japan, there are many foreigners living abroad to the point where one could say Japan has become a fairly international society. Even if you do not travel abroad, there are opportunities to meet foreigners waiting for you. To ensure that those who visit Japan come to love our country and its people, we’d like to assist in day to day living.
Owner Listings
Ikebukuro Otome House
5 min walk from Shimotabashi Station
Private 55,000JPY~
Rose Ikebukuro
9 min walk from Shimotabashi Station
Private 32,000JPY~
Ikebukuro Otome House
5 min walk from Shimotabashi Station
Private 55,000JPY~

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